There are two types of content: one that keep you updated and the other that make you wow.

I curate the latter.

Why? I used to get very excited reading tips and tricks. It’s hard to apply what you learn and quick fixes are like what their name suggests. They solve problems quickly with no lasting impact. 

That’s why I switched long-form. Those are paradigm-shifting pieces, exploring a topic or problem from many angles, which the writer have worked on for days and months to bring you a solution. They’re like mini-books that keep you hooked and thinking deep.

To be clear, not all long-form pieces are good. Many will bore you to tears. Ocassionaly, you’ll find gems which make you wow.

A couple of good examples:

So here my goal to curate and share with you 5 long-form, impactful pieces I come across each week. To get you moved, inspired, and thinking.

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