What makes good writing?Β 

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What makes good writing?

Different people will have different opinions. But I would say the two most important components of good writing are Curiosity and Inspiration. You've got to be curious enough to read as much as you can about a topic and collect relevant ideas during the day. And you've got to be inspired in order to write. The latter depends on what and how much you consume 

In terms of the creation, I like to follow Gary Halbert's method:

  1. First, read anything you could find on the topics and take notes.

  2. Then take a few days off. When you feel inspired, start writing. Don't worry about the wording yet, just write.

  3. Next comes the incubation. Let your subconscious mind work on the idea.

  4. Now come back and polish it into the final work.

In addition to the two elements, one rule to keep in mind is to treat writing as a craft.

Writing is not about SEO or making yourself known. It's a craft β€”  an art of selling your ideas. You've got to be good enough to keep readers on the page.

On a personal note, I would say I'm not very good yet. My writing can get really shallow and boring sometimes, but I love the act of writing every day. And thus, I believe I'm getting better. 

My goal now is to practice writing faster and better, writing to solve the world's problems, not just for myself.

Now onto this week’s curation:

πŸ“• 5 Long Reads On Writing

  1. 10 strategies to create consistently: Wanting to write more but life gets in the way? Check out the Canva slide by Lenny to get your writing fire back on. These are his best tips that kept him writing and earned 5k paid subscribers on Substack. 

  2. The ultimate guide to writing online. Success lies in the fundamentals. We all know how blogging works: find your niche, block out time to write, publish regularly, network with others. Why don't all people succeed? Well, lack of commitment makes up a large part. The rest is just a bit of strategy. Here is a perfect guideline if you quit blogging a while ago and want to start again. This is for people with a website. But if you don't like the hassle of running your own blog, try Medium β€”  it's simple, free, and millions of readers are waiting to hear your story. I also just made a comeback to Medium with a post about coffee.

  3. How to build your personal brand by blogging: With 2 million blogs vying for the online audience’s attention, how to set yourself apart from the crowd? The key is to develop a personal brand that can help you build trust with your audience. What's a personal brand? It’s what people think of you as you are exposed to your work β€”  who you are, what you do, why you are good at it, and if you are trustworthy. A personal brand can take a long time to build but it's a crucial factor that determines why someone should read your work at all. Here's a great guide by Casey Botticello on how to start your personal brand.

  4. A writer is only as interesting as their life: Do you often get stuck at writing? You feel the need to write but nothing good is coming out. Writer Isaiah McCall once said β€œa writer is only as interesting as his life.” If you lack meaningful experience in your daily life, your writing will feel dry and meaningless. Here’s a great read by Tim Dennings on how to be more interesting as a creator.

  5. How to cure writer's block forever?: There is much advice on writer’s block but David Perell is my favorite: β€œDon’t write with a blank page”. He argues, most of the writer’s writing happens outside the computer, in conversation, books, and life experiences. So always stock your supplies in advance. Keep a note-taking system. By the time you sit down to write, you’ll have so much information you can’t help but write. If you suffer from a constant creative block, I recommend heading over here to get a permanent cure.

That’s it for the week. 

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